A logo is probably one of the most intimate and one of the most important symbols of a company and a brand and a logo is something that should be made with the utmost care. We are Think To Share IT solutions and we have been creating logos for small, medium, big and international brands for over 10 years and we have the skill and the experience to do so. There are a lot of reasons behind the creation of a logo and creating a logo requires a lot of steps which we will talk about later but high-quality logo designs require a level of concentration that can only be compared to meditation.




While one might think that creating minimalist logos is easy for professional logo designers, however, it is the opposite because minimalist logos require something special. When we create a regular logo, we can incorporate so much into the logo about the brand but when we create a minimalist logo, we have to ensure that we include everything but always toned down and very simple and minimalist. It is like creating the acoustic version of a song but including everything that the original version has but in a toned-down manner. Of course, doing minimalist logos is one of our favourite things because it is challenging and it helps us gain even more experience


Regular logos is as the name suggests, regular. However, the name does not do justice to the fact that the regular logo is the most detailed and complete version of a logo which incorporates important factors and important elements of a business. Nothing is toned down when it comes to the regular logos and everything is allowed to shine at its maximum. Regular logos are the most popular request we get for logo design services. If you are not sure about the type of logo you want to have and if you are someone who is quite sure about the type of logo you want to have then the regular logo is the best kind for the both of you because it will be the best version of the logo.


The thing about a 3D logo is that it is not different from all the other logos and this is an added feature which you can wish to have for any kind of logo that we design. If you want to have a regular logo then we can, of course, create a 3D version of it and if you want a minimalist or a signature-type or any other logo then again, we can always create a 3D version of that logo. That 3D version is quite popular among the services that we provide because whenever your company goes for brand deals and has to display the logo in a video then the 3D version doing different kinds of motion looks quite good.


Although this can be categorised under the category of a vintage logo but this is more of a hand-drawn vintage logo without illustrations. Signature logos has been there forever and luxury and gourmet brands that have worked with us have always loved the concept of signature logos. They are minimalist and elegant enough without being too hi-tech or too modern. This is also the reason why signature logos are preferred because of that handmade feel that it has. We have some of the most experienced logo designers in India and we have created dozens of logos for reputable brands and we would love to create you are very own signature logo.


Cartoon logos are rather a very high contrast image logo which consists of bold images and bold letters combined in a form of way that is loved by the young generation and so if you have a brand that caterers to young generation such as clothing, gaming, café, or any lifestyle brand that is for the youth then the cartoon logo is excellent. Cartoon logos are relatively new in the Indian logo industry and we have a lot of fun creating cartoon logos.


A signature logo might be considered a hand-drawn logo however a hand-drawn logo is much more because it always consists of letters and a simple illustration that is minimalist and elegant and also hand-drawn. If you own a brand that caterers to the indie audience who like everything handmade then your hand-drawn logo will be quite loved and popular among them. It is an amazing experience and a charm to create hand-drawn logos because it brings back excellent memories from the time when we were new to the logo industry.


The thing about vintage logos is that although they become quite unpopular between the 70s to the early 2000s, they are very much back in fashion now. The reason for this is that vintage logos will not only look minimalist and handmade but there is a distinct advantage to vintage logos. If your brand is new in its current form and you want to showcase that it has a long legacy then having a vintage logo is quite extraordinarily helpful because it will set the impression in the minds of your customers that your brand is old and strong.



While having skilled artists and logo designers does make a difference in the type of logo service that anyone provides but having the experience and pedigree to create a logo for a brand is something totally different. We are not here to experiment and play with your brand image because we understand and have the utmost respect for your desire to create a logo and since we have been trusted with the ability, we make sure to use all the experience that we have for creating logos. We have created countless logos for different kinds of brands all across the Indian industry and we would love to create the logo for your brand. We have some of the finest and most experienced logo designers in India who are also illustrators and graphic designers and they know exactly how to bring out the perfect embodiment of your brand in your logo.


Among all the other services that we provide, a large part of Think To Share is invested in providing digital marketing services and with that comes the experience of a lifetime of marketing and we always utilise our digital marketing experience in creating logos that are attractive both offline and online. Certain kinds of logos make certain kinds of websites look good and based on the type of website you have and the type of brand you are we can utilise our deep knowledge of digital marketing to create a logo that is not only beautiful but functional and compatible digitally.

We are Think To Share IT solutions, the premium logo design company in Kolkata and we would love to have the responsibility and honour of creating the perfect logo for you. We provide more than a dozen important services spanning all across the digital world and we would welcome you to check out all our other services too.

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