If you are a company and you have a website where you do business then the website landing page is probably the most important page for your digital business. What is the landing page? It is the page where your website’s visitor lands. This can be a visitor who has come from any marketing campaign that you have run for your business. Perhaps you have a company that manufactures wallets and you have decided to promote and market your brand and product by sponsoring any YouTube video and you have also created a special offer where the viewers of that YouTuber can avail of a special discount if they use a certain code. The YouTuber is also instructed to tell the viewers to click on a link and apply the code. When the viewers click on that link and reach a page which shows the product page of the wallet then that is the landing page. Even if you offer a service that is not physical, perhaps you have an email service and clicking on the marketing link allows visitors to reach the place where they can select the package for that email service. That is also the landing page. There can even be a scenario where you simply want visitors to visit the homepage of your website because it is not a service but a cause that you are promoting or it is your website that you are promoting. So, upon the request of the YouTuber or the other social media influencer, the visitors land on your homepage. Then that is the landing page. A landing page can be the result of a marketing campaign or it can simply be a page that a visitor lands on after they take part in some activity online. If the user wants to unsubscribe to your marketing emails, then they will land on the unsubscribe page, which is also a landing page. We are Think To Share IT solutions and we provide the most renowned landing page design services in India because we are one of the most critically acclaimed and well-known website development companies in India.

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When we talk about landing web pages, this is one of the most popular and common types of landing pages there is and the goal of this landing page is quite simple. It is to squeeze out simple relevant information from the visitor such as email ID and a name. We have extensive experience in creating squeeze pages for our clients and this is quite helpful because it will enable you to have your visitors' email IDs so that you can send out marketing emails to them.



If you have just started a marketing campaign and you want visitors to ultimately be your customers then you can either have them visit your main website and product page or you can have an intermediary page between the click to the link and the main website. This intermediary page is called the splash page. You can have anything on this page from any new product releases to any special discounts or any other events or anything you want. You can think of it as a digital hoarding to market anything.



This is exactly what it sounds like, this webpage enables you to have even more information about your potential client because this kind of landing page can only be reached if the visitor shows enough interest in using your product. Perhaps you are a software company and you are offering a free trial, then you can have the potential client input very many details before they are finally allowed to download the free trial. This is also one of the most popular types of landing pages that we create.



Perhaps you are a company that is offering a service or free software and you want your visitors to utilise this software properly because there might be a learning curve. In order to get around that learning curve, you can create a landing page that will be like a tutorial page. It will be the ‘get started’ page which will allow the visitors to be guided into the different features and also other products and much more and anything you want to guide them into. While this is quite effective, this is relatively something new in the industry that we are seeing but we are of course seeing an increase in service requests for creating this kind of a page.



If you are someone who is trying to sell software or service online then you know better than us that it is not wise to directly ask for money from the potential customer. If you ask them to pay for the full version on the first landing page then that can get people demotivated and they might never return. However, the next best option is a click-through landing page that will allow you to display something like a ‘30-day trial’ or something free that will get the customer hooked on your service. We love creating click-through pages for our clients and have created dozens of them over the years.



This is the page that you never want your customers to see. This is the page that they will see when they are trying to unsubscribe from the email list for marketing emails. However, you can utilise the ‘unsubscribe’ page by keeping it simple for them to unsubscribe and perhaps giving them the option to unsubscribe to a limited number of emails. You can even have a special discount code just for them to stay on the email list. While this is not something that we love doing because it is where a potential customer leaves the email list, this is a service that we of course provide.



This is one of the most popular types of landing pages in the world and this is one of the most common types of landing pages that we create for our clients. These pages might look simple but this is one of the most optimised pages on your entire website. This is the page where the client sees different package options for different services. Usually, it is in the form of vertical columns. Usually, the pricing page has three columns with the first being a free version and the second being a pro version and the third being an enterprise version.



This is one of the most traditional forms of landing pages that we create and this is also one of the oldest forms of landing pages which can have a very good effect on your business. We generally create this kind of landing page for companies with physical products because this kind of landing page is usually a long-form sales pitch. This page should contain every detail that you can find out about your product and this page should also have every kind of question and the answers to them about the product.



Just like the ‘unsubscribe’ landing page, this is also a kind of landing page that you never want your customers to see but if they see it, it is because they have no internet connection or their network connection was interrupted by something. And that is exactly the time when they will be diverted to the ‘error 404’ landing page. Instead of having a page that shows nothing, you can have a page that can be an additional tool for lead generation or marketing.



This is one of the most powerful landing pages out there because this kind of landing page has huge potential. This kind of landing page is used by everyone from small companies to multinational brands whenever they have to release something or they are going to announce something exciting. If you are going to start a new offer or if you are going to launch a new product then you will probably run a marketing campaign about that product. However, you are going to reveal that product on a certain date. Then you must lead your visitors to the ‘coming soon’ page. This kind of page sees huge traffic and there is a lot of potential on what can be done on this. We love creating ‘coming soon’ pages for our clients.



And how could we forget the humble ‘thank you’ landing page! This kind of page request is generally done by our clients who are into software development or content sharing. This is the page that the visitor sees after they have downloaded something or after they have finished looking for anything they want from a website. It is generally after the visitor has downloaded something that they see the page thanking them for downloading it. This is a page of high potential because the visitor is happy that they were able to download something and that happiness can be utilised to showcase a few products or services.



One of the most essential landing pages is the personal branding or portfolio landing page and we are experts at creating that just for you. This is a unique kind of landing page that will help you showcase your portfolio as well as your expertise and experience. While this is a landing page without a lot of functionality but it is an information-rich landing page that every brand should have because it contains everything from the contact information to the professional image that the brand wants to portray to the world. The portfolio landing page will also help you showcase your awards and will also have links to your social media profiles and this is one of the landing pages that we highly recommended to our clients.

This was just a small sample size of all the different kinds of landing pages that we create at T2S. We can create any and every type of custom landing page that you want and we can even provide you with suggestions for the kind of landing page that will be perfect for your website. Whether it is a special landing page for the festival season or weather it is special E-Commerce landing page that focuses on client conversion, we will make it happen with our decade-long web design and development experience. We always consider the needs of the client and understand the vision of the client and suggest appropriate landing pages that will have the best impact on website traffic and are also practical and affordable.

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Any landing page is a point of incredible potential for any company and that is why it should not be a place for experimentation and trial. We are happy to be one of the most experienced landing page website designers in India and we have created nearly a hundred landing pages. We are also a company that has one of the most experienced teams of website designers and developers with extensive experience in creating nearly every kind of landing page for every kind of client both in India and abroad. Added to that is the fact that we have excellent content writers and UI/UX designers. We would love to use our incredible teams and incredible experience in creating the perfect landing pages for you.

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Digital marketing is one of the most critically acclaimed services that we provide at Think To Share and whenever we create a landing page, we usually bring in a few of our seasoned digital marketing experts into the project so that they can always monitor if the landing page design is in accordance with their digital marketing standards. This ensures that all our landing pages are effective from the standpoint of digital marketing. This is even more important in the case of a landing page because we are specifically talking about landing pages which are one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

One of the most effective ways of making sure your website is effective is to have proper landing pages and that is exactly what we do at Think To Share IT Solutions. We have in creating landing pages for over a decade now and we have practically created nearly every kind of landing page you can expect. We have created landing pages for E-Commerce websites as well as educational websites and every other kind of website. We would love to create landing pages for your website so that you can take the effectiveness of your website to the next level. Everything we do is completely custom at our company because we only provide custom solutions and we never reuse templates and design themes. We welcome you to check out all other services web design and development related as well.

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