Kamasutra and 21st Century (Why Kamasutra Continues to Play an Important Role for Today’s Youth?)


The Kamasutra has been written by an obscure Indian guru, named Vatsyayana Mallagana and it dates as far back as the fourth century (approximately 2,000 years ago!). You can rightfully say that there is no other work on coitus (well, “sex” is a taboo word in “India”) as extensive as the Kamasutra. Even though it has its origin in ancient India, most people don’t really know what it is all about. Do you know?

Yes, it talks about different sex positions and there is a lot of intel on sex. But, it is not really “the holy grail of sex”. It is much more than that and plays a very important role for modern youth (apart from learning the “positions” by heart, I mean).

So, allow me to introduce you to a much deeper Kamasutra that you may not have noticed (and its okay, I understand why!!).

Kamasutra Sheds Incredible Light on the Complexities of Human Relations

I am not denying that the Kamasutra is a lot about sex and sex positions, but the youth can a lot more from it, such as the different aspects of human relations. You can almost call it the guide book teaching the art of living a virtuous life. How many books can teach you that?

The compilation touches upon really minute aspects of individual and social life, such as family life, love and pleasure-oriented activities. In fact, there are some sections that are specifically dedicated to marriage, courtship, family, extra-marital, social life, same-sex relations, power and passion.

In a nutshell, all the problems that the youth is facing today with love, life and family can be solved with the help of Kamasutra.

A Deep Insight into the Lives of Men and Women

For the modern youth, Kamasutra teachings provide an in-depth insight into the lifestyle of the fashionable women and cultured men. And that’s not all. Questions relating to spirituality, ethics and morality that today’s youth are constantly battling with, are all answered by Kamasutra 2,000 years ago.

And don’t worry, Kamasutra is not like those “preachy” compilations that tell you what is right and what is wrong. It only helps you to envisage human action (virtue, wealth, righteousness, Kama or pleasure). It truly leaves the decision up to you and only shows you the different aspects of human beings.

Women who have always wanted to understand men and men who have failed to understand women can hugely benefit from reading Kamasutra (and of course, leaving the sex aside this time, please!).

So, now you can proudly say that Kamasutra is not just about sex, sex and sex. It teaches the youth to be enthusiastic and inspires them to fulfill their objectives. For those who are about to tie the knot, they can learn a lot of valuable things from Kamasutra that they can apply for a happier and fulfilling life.

This ancient manual holds the key to probably all the questions you ever had. Whether you are attracted to the opposite sex or same-sex is where your heart at, Kamasutra does not distinguish. So, read it and free yourself of all the restrictions. You deserve it!


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