How Does Racism Work? Why is there Still Racism in the World?



With so much racism going around the world, with immigrants finding it difficult to enter first world countries, with people of white European descent hating the darker skins even more. I was wondering, whom could I blame for this hatred because I too am of a darker shade, brown to be specific.

Let’s say someday if I too had to hear racial slurs, whom would I blame? I can of course blame my parents or rather my ancestors for being black or brown. I can blame them for choosing to stay near the tropics, I can blame them for being farmers back in the day and working under the sun in paddy fields, that way I can say why I’m not white, I can of course blame their skin for getting dark before the thing got into my genes. Well that leads me to think why do skin get dark? Because when you stay under direct sunlight for generations you get a tan right? White guys know what tan is right? They will spend millions in Ibiza to get a tan, but will blame the black or blown guy who seems to have a natural tan.

Well, scientists told me if you don’t have dark skin in tropical climate you can contract skin cancer. Well my ancestors weren’t responsible after all. I think I know who I am to blame for these acts of racism that the blacks and browns and Mexicans and all non-whites encounter all over the world. Whom I am going to blame isn’t any human or animal, or any act, if you ask me why I’m repenting every second of my life because I’m not white! I’ll simply blame the sun. Well think about it, I’m from the equator, how am I supposed to be white? Does that make any less a human? no!

With white supremacy creeping inside every sphere of my life from my job to my education to even my TV’s fairness crèam commercial to even my mobile device that I’m using as a black one costs less than a white one. I’m only going to blame the sun. The sun was bright where my parents and ancestors were born, the sun is bright where I live, how in your wildest dreams expect me to be white skinned? But this argument answered a tiny bit of by present predicament.

I often asked myself then why are whites superior or rather better than blacks? Aren’t there more blacks than whites in the world? Then why are we blacks the oppressed ones? I mean even my younger brother knows majority wins, then why aren’t we winning? We don’t even want to win, we just want equality, since we have no hand in our skin’s colour. This leads me to think that when was the first time colour white won over the darker shade, my little knowledge of world history suggested it was the battle of the 300 when Greeks from Sparta won over their much-hated Persian enemy. And since I know the winner gets to write the history books, it all became clear to me. I found my hope in Jesus as finally a non-white was the founder of the religion of these whites, but no his identity was rewritten and he was given the image of a white tall blonde haired man and ironically, he was from the middle east which makes his entry restricted in the United States by a white who solely rose to power based on white supremacy and blaming non-whites. And now I’m asking you. Are there any atheist white supremacy leaders that you know of? No?

Racists are hypocrites who can break and their foundations and ideologies to cater them their privileges. Now if you judge me on the basis of my colour, ill judge you on the basis of your mind’s incapability to understand that I’m the same human of blood and bone that you are, just that the sun was a bit friendly to me.

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