Developing online health care infrastructure is quite important to us and that is why we always prioritise meaningful projects and health care being on the top of the list. Think To Share has years of experience in not only developing and designing websites for nearly every type of industry but especially healthcare. We have extensive experience in the healthcare sector and we have worked on everything from medical app development solutions to healthcare portal development services. Think To Share brings consciousness to the table when it comes to healthcare IT solutions and we have worked on nearly every kind of healthcare development and service.





Having a robust website and webpage that will act as a patient portal is a necessity in today’s day and age and we have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest names in healthcare to develop custom portals which can tolerate high latency traffic and can operate reliably for patients. From using the best server in the world to using the most responsive domain and using the best full-stack development teams, we ensure your hospital’s patient portal is never down. Failure isn’t an option in the healthcare industry.



We have specialist teams of web developers that regularly work on the maintenance and upgradation of hospital management systems and we have created and worked on several of the finest in India. Our key functions are hospital management system development, upgradation and maintenance to ensure that the hospital management system is always running so that the administration can have easy access to all the parameters of the hospital. We assure you that we have the capability and know-how for creating a responsive and reliable hospital management system that can be able to control every aspect of running the hospital. With the increase in hacking attacks on critical hospital infrastructure, we also make sure that all the components of our hospital management system are encrypted with military-grade encryption to always prevent shutdowns.



Think To Share is already one of the most highly regarded mobile app developers in India and along with that, we have extensive experience in creating healthcare mobile apps both for Android and iOS. We have extensive experience in developing healthcare mobile applications for both managing and using hospital facilities and online medicine ordering apps. We have worked on several medicine ordering apps development and we have special teams in place that take care of such important projects which deal with education and healthcare. We also have extensive experience in creating online medical consulting applications as well as online medical counselling applications which help the patient get in touch with medical professionals remotely. We often refer to them as online clinic applications. We also develop and deploy hospital management system applications that help in the running of hospitals and allows the administration to control and monitor various aspects of the hospital’s management system. Developing mobile applications for healthcare totally changes the dynamic and we always keep in mind the high stakes that are associated with this application. We always apply a custom approach to our mobile app development because we understand this is not an entertainment app but something a lot more important.



Developing a healthcare web application takes special skills and experience which we have and we always advocate for the website to be optimised for mobile view because a lot of your website visitors will simply visit your hospital’s website from a smartphone. This is also the reason why we are probably the only company in India to implement PWA (progressive web application) to your healthcare web application. The website you are reading this on is PWA enabled. The primary benefit of this is to enable patients to visit your website even when there is no connection to the internet. The implementation of PWA on healthcare websites will be revolutionary because now the patient can view important service information and phone numbers without the internet.



Any hospital website and mobile application goes through a lot of transactions which includes the payment by patients for all the services the hospital provides. That is why we have some of the most seamless payment gateway solutions that will allow the payment gateways to always stay operational. This is one of the most important things in a hospital and we make sure to always have people monitor the payment gateway responsiveness of the hospitals at all times. We do not want any hiccups at this crucial point of transactions.


Telehealth Services

We specialize in creating the best telehealth services and solutions, helping healthcare professionals, healthcare companies and institutions reach out and consult patients remotely. Our systems enable lag-free high-latency remote patient monitoring services. We also have the finest experience in creating Electronic Health Record Systems(EHRS) that help with virtual patient consultation. We provide healthcare Solutions individually or as a packaged ecosystem where each individual service can provide data to and interact with the other services resulting in complete digitisation of your healthcare services. Our telehealth services can be accessed from individual patient healthcare apps as well as administration and physician counterparts of those apps. The data can be stored and operated from isolated servers ensuring the highest level of encryption for patient data confidentiality.




Since we are a company built on conscience, we will always prioritise the projects based on education and healthcare and we will always deliver more than adequate results for you since you are in the healthcare industry. We understand the deep importance that lies within when we are working with healthcare and we will not only meet deadlines but will deliver results in advance so that there is no problem with helping patients on your side.



When it comes to the best application developers, it is not just about having the best team but also having the best experience because a healthcare website is not a place for experimentation. When we say we are capable of delivering the finest results we say it because we have experience in dealing with the nuances of the health care industry and we are acutely aware of the importance of delivering the best results.



When it comes to website designing and development, there can be two ways of doing the development. One is the simple way of using templates and no innovation and simply delivering the same result over and over. The other way is the Think To Share way where we use every latest web design technique possible and every latency decreasing technology possible to create highly responsive websites that never fail. Of course, that takes a lot of effort but we are more than happy to go the extra mile for health care.



As we said that we are quite flexible and it is because of this we have excellent scalability. You can be an international healthcare organisation or you can be a regional player. You can have a big budget or you can have a smaller budget but we will always be able to scale our services for you. Perhaps you do not want the entire service package and you simply want to upgrade your hospital's website, that will be possible with us and along with that anything that you request.

We are simply the most reliable healthcare portal development company in India because we not only take into consideration of the healthcare provider but also take into consideration the ease of use of patients and we always try to constantly improve the website so that you can have the finest website that is able to help patients in need. We always believe in a versatile and flexible approach and that is why the websites developed by Think To Share are extremely versatile and you can always add or remove any amount of services and any amount of pages you want with no worries. We welcome you to the Think To Share world.

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