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                   Know the Top 5 Sectors that Heavily Benefit from SEO

Know the Top 5 Sectors that Heavily Benefit from SEO

In the digital marketing world, SEO or search engine optimization only raking in about $72 billion and is slowly, but surely inching towards $80 billion by 2020. These figures alone should be enough to convince you of the importance of SEO. If you are wondering about what type of business benefit from SEO, the answer […]

                   5 Reasons Why Website Design Services in India is Crucial

5 Reasons Why Website Design Services in India is Crucial

Have you heard the adage ‘face is the index of the mind’? Impressions are made the moment someone sees you. Based on that impression, they decide whether they should get to know you more or run! If you ever thought why you have to spend a lot on the storefront of your brick-and-mortar store, now […]

                   Why Should Small Businesses in India Outsource SEO

Why Should Small Businesses in India Outsource SEO?

Did you know that 91.5% of the average traffic share is generated by websites that are listed on the 1st page of Google’s SERP? This is just one of the reasons why SEO or search engine optimization is critical to the success of your website. Moreover, thanks to the advent of the Internet and SEO, […]

                   SEO Training in India

Should You Learn SEO in India? Know the Answer to This Complicated Question!

So, you want to take up a course in SEO? You’re not alone. Anybody who has ever heard about digital or Internet marketing is aware of SEO in India or have at least heard of it because nothing really happens bypassing the search engines like, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search engines are a lot like […]

                   Why Should You Invest In Guest Posting in 2018?

Why Should You Invest In Guest Posting in 2018?

Once you are online, you need backlinks. And guest posting is one of the most beneficial sources to get in-content links. Still, it becomes difficult for the marketers to maintain the frequency of guest posting as it really takes a lot of time to get a link from a high authority site. But as the […]

                   How to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Site Just by Choosing a Great Blog Topic?

How to Improve the Domain Authority of Your Site Just by Choosing a Great Blog Topic?

You might be wondering how on the earth is that possible? How can a blog topic improve domain authority? Well, this is 2018 and Google has become smarter than what it was, making it difficult for webmasters to rank a website. So, you should also start conceptualizing different ways to impress Google. Blogging certainly is […]

                   Why has India emerged as a hotspot for businesses in need of SEO services?

Why Has India Emerged As a Hotspot for Businesses in Need of SEO Services?

The world has over 4 billion Internet users. Needless to say, businesses today cannot even hope to survive without a powerful digital marketing strategy. And among all the other digital channels, search engines are considered the most essential, thus, search engine optimization holds such a prominent position in any digital marketing strategy. What is SEO? […]

                   travel content writing

4 Do’s and Don’ts of Travel Writing to Keep Readers Hooked

Who doesn’t like traveling? Everybody does! But, in the daily grind of life, they forget to take a break. They need a little inspiration to hit pause, pack their bags and head out. And that inspiration can come from your writing! Travel writing is probably one of the toughest subjects to deal with. No, not […]

                   digital marketing trends 2018

5 Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 that You Must Know to Stay Relevant

Moving into 2018, there has been a shift in digital marketing. Brand new trends have entered the marketplace and to stay relevant, your business has to pay attention. The world of digital marketing offers fabulous opportunities in the form of advanced technologies to businesses looking to gain more visibility and user engagement. Do you want […]

                   .com vs .net

.com VS .net – Which Domain Extension is Best for You?

A business –specific domain is treated as prime real estate in the online world. When you are building a website (unless you are a non-profit organization), you will be faced with the dilemma of whether to choose .com or .net domain extension. Before you make any decision, it is important that you know what each […]