How To Avoid Getting Penalized By Google On Duplicate Content: A Quick Guide

Google has severe penalties for duplicate content. So, how do you steer clear of such a risk? Every month, about 70 million blogs get published on WordPress. The question is, are all of them original? There’s a reason that 90.63% of blogs garner no traffic from Google. This should tell you why it’s important to […]


Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 that You Must Know to Stay Relevant

Moving into 2020, there has been a shift in digital marketing. Brand new trends have entered the marketplace and to stay relevant, your business has to pay attention.   The world of digital marketing offers fabulous opportunities in the form of advanced technologies to businesses looking to gain more visibility and user engagement.   Do […]

                   Facebook rolls out new business tools for Messenger

Facebook Rolls Out New Business Tools for Messenger – here’s what You need to know

  To make Messenger interactions intuitive, Facebook comes up with a whole bunch of tools for its over 60 million active businesses.   Recently, Facebook launched a range tools that will allow businesses to harness the power of the Messenger Platform more than ever.   With 2.41 billion active users on Facebook, businesses and Social […]

                   Best Methods to Backup Hotmail Emails to the Hard Drive

Best Methods to Backup Hotmail Emails to the Hard Drive

  Backup is an important thing, and if most of your works are online, then you should keep a backup of your works in computers or external hard drives. It is necessary to take backup because there may be unexpected data loss due to virus attacks, ransomware attacks or hackings. In this blog, we will […]

                   Why Should Entrepreneurs Be on Instagram to Market Their Brand Products?

Why Should Entrepreneurs Be on Instagram to Market Their Brand Products?

  Owners operating businesses of various sizes are always looking for cost-effective channels to promote their productsto a large online audience. Prominent online marketing experts say they should consider creating a profile for their businesses on Instagram to achieve their objectives. Specialists state itone of the most popular smartphone photo-sharing apps on social media with […]

                   Export PST file into Yahoo mail

Export PST file into Yahoo mail

  It’s hard to imagine a world without email comfort — which can explain why millions of us turned to Yahoo Mail and other free Web-based email services for quick communications.   Among all other web services, Yahoo is one of the most popular free email services. Both Outlook and Yahoo are millions of people’s […]

                   Netflix banner

How is Netflix Rocking Social Media?

  Netflix is not a streaming industry leader by accident. The popularity of its shows how awesome it is. Moreover, the fact that they release the whole season all at once is appreciated by its users as they need not wait a whole week for the next episode.    Netflix believes in pure entertainment. It […]

                   Best Payment Gateways

Top 10 Best Payment Gateways in India for Businesses

  In India, e-commerce business is booming. And we all know that processing online payment in India is no more a challenge!   The introduction of online payment gateway has dramatically transformed the e-commerce market & online business for Indian merchants and propelled brands forward.     Shopping online has become hassle-free and easy with the […]

                   10 Easy and Effective Ways We Sped Up Our Substance Abuse Wordpress Site

10 Easy and Effective Ways We Sped Up Our Substance Abuse WordPress Site

  Learning to speed up WordPress is an essential skill for website owners.  This is because, the speed at which pages load affects traffic, user satisfaction, conversion, bounce rate, and profits.   Can’t wait to speed up your site?  This is how:   Use the Newest Version of WordPress     Each CMS version comes […]

                   How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business in 2019

How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business in 2020

    LinkedIn was born on 5th May 2003 as a career networking tool.   But, it quickly made a name for itself as one of the most effective, most-used social media platform for B2B marketers.   Today LinkedIn become a valuable tool for every Digital Marketing Company for doing SMM.   Impressive, right?   […]