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Bahubali- Feminist Or Rapist (the hypocrisy revealed)

With Bahubali the conclusion running in hundreds of screens in tens of languages and with this being worthy of the shelf the same as Sholay and Border and with so perfect a movie that crores rushed to get a glimpse of the valiant Maheshmati kings played by Prabhas and the triumph of good over evil. […]


Ace the ‘Geode’: Instagram’s Latest Fashion Craze!

Yes, geodes are hollow rocks with lots and lots of sparkling crystals inside. But, we are not talking about rocks here. We are talking about the latest hair color trend that is making Instagrammars go wild. The trend started off as a lip and nail art trend and slowly blasted as the wildest hair trend […]

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How to Create a Website- A Beginner’s Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps

  According to the reports of Internet Live Stats (2016), around 40% of total world population accesses the Internet today. It was not even 1% in 1995. So, there’s a big reason for you to get online and nothing can be a more positive step for the upliftment of your business. There are several ways […]


Social Networking Sites…A Boon or a Blessing?!

Today I am here to talk about an age old topic THE SOCIAL NETWORKS. Supposedly the villains of gen Y (to our parents at least)… I am a first-year student and about to sit for my exam. So, I thought let’s keep the social networking sites off for a few days. Before I proceed, I […]


How Does Racism Work? Why is there Still Racism in the World?

  With so much racism going around the world, with immigrants finding it difficult to enter first world countries, with people of white European descent hating the darker skins even more. I was wondering, whom could I blame for this hatred because I too am of a darker shade, brown to be specific. Let’s say […]