Bahubali- Feminist Or Rapist (the hypocrisy revealed)

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With Bahubali the conclusion running in hundreds of screens in tens of languages and with this being worthy of the shelf the same as Sholay and Border and with so perfect a movie that crores rushed to get a glimpse of the valiant Maheshmati kings played by Prabhas and the triumph of good over evil. The movie portrayed the best of the goods and the worst that evil can offer in staggering contrasts that the people loved so much that they forgot individualism and resorted to mob appeal and praise. Yes, the movie is worthy of that kind of applaud with truth, loyalty, justice and sheer all the good human attributes being the ideology of the great king Amarendra Bahubali who we see as an exceptional monarch and moreover a people’s leader. He believes in justice, he even tries hard to abolish the caste system, is good with swords and respects women, is a good brother, son, husband and a good human being.

Bahubali a Feminist or Is He?

What fascinated me the most and caught my attention was the part where he fought for the rights of his lady and thereby womanhood. He is seen to be stern in judgement when it comes to woman safety and integrity, which is a great thing considering the time we are living in when cows are safer than women. These factors are sure to have a positive impact on society and can even change the mindset of sexual offenders. With all these going for the movie (considering both the movies one) what can possibly go wrong?

What Went Terribly Wrong with Bahubali

Well, all hell went loose in wrongs at the beginning of the Bahubali enterprise itself, and the storyline proved to be one the biggest hidden hypocrisies of ideology which the masses turned a blind eye to as they do with incidences of injustice to the feminine gender. We will find in the sequel, Amarendra Bahubali being just and protective to women, he even says that people who touch the modesty of women should not have their fingers chopped but their heads, which was great. We find this scene in the second part of Bahubali.

Bahubali Is a Hipocrisy

But what I found in the first part was when I realised it was not only shocking but also can easily be termed molestation of the first degree if Avantika was not in a Tamil movie where the outcome would have been different. It’s foolish to judge the character of an actor by what he plays, what I’m judging is the hypocrisy that’s there in the movie and the sequel. One touches Avantika inappropriately whatsoever the intentions maybe. This may sound trivial but is not considering how much a movie can influence the uneducated and the ill wit. In a country where hundreds of rapes are taking place each year and where the numbers of rapes are always on the rise, Mahendra Bahubali doing such a scene in  national movie and then his father saying the opposite on is hypocrisy from the side of the script.

Bahubali Will Influence More Sex Crimes

You can’t just anonymously tease a woman numerous times not only with words but bodypainting like in the movie with the excuse that you are trying to take off her mask that she puts on in front of the world or with the excuse that she might appreciate your intimidation at the end, she will not I tell you in the real world. The extremes were reached when the Bahubali junior starts stripping Avantika with the excuse of revealing her beauty to her own eyes. No, fellow movie goers this scene can have such bad influence over the mind of the perverted lot that they’ll try to imitate the same in their world, and somewhere some poor soul will suffer because of the movie, if not directly, yes indirectly.

On top of that the extreme violation the sequel goes like in a way where Bahubali senior is the greatest woman emancipator while on the contrary his son, though also shown to possess the same fatherly qualities if not more is seen committing molestation while some may argue that Avantika liked the thing. No Avantika didn’t at the first numerous tries and what if she didn’t even after Bahubali hands over her mask? No, duh it’s a movie, in a movie a hero can molest, tease,body paint, roll down the slope with a stranger and then try to strip her and nobody will bat an eye, yes, the real sex offenders of our society will of course wink with confidence seeing the scene. Setupati was an offender and was brought to light by the script and had his head chopped off, but shouldn’t that be the case with Bahubali’s son Mahendra Bahubali too? Is the script or 1.3billion people the hypocrite? You can judge dear reader.

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