Reasons To Choose Think To Share For AWS DevOps & DevSecOps Services


Experience And Expertise

Over A Decade

AWS security services list can be long but the only thing that you need when it comes to secure and reliable AWS operations is capable hands and experience. That is exactly what we offer at Think To Share. We have some of the most capable and experienced AWS DevOps architects along with years of experience running AWS DevOps projects. We utilise all that important experience when it comes to AWS DevOps services and actual utilisation of the DevOps working model.


High Affordability

Record Low Rates

No high-quality service is worth it if it is going to break the bank for our clients and we understand that. That is why we can offer you the lowest service charge rates when it comes to our AWS DevOps & DevSecOps services. We will ensure the finest levels of security for all your AWS projects and also make sure the projects run at peak efficiency with DevOps model of operations. This is possible because of our vast AWS infrastructure that includes the finest AWS experts as well as a combination of proprietary tools and working philosophy.


Transparent Communication

Dedicated Call Lines

At Think To Share you do not have to worry about communication hurdles because we provide the simplest and most effective forms of communication between clients and AWS developers. We simply provide the personal phone number of our lead AWS architect who's working on your project. This ensures you can contact them directly. We also maintain communication with our clients through any medium they choose whether it is WhatsApp or other it is our proprietary communication channels.


Customised AWS Experience


While the working principle of AWS DevOps & DevSecOps can be generally the same, no two projects can have the same action plan. That is why we always create individual action plans and AWS strategies for all our AWS projects. This is important because different clients might have different levels of needs when it comes to AWS and that is also the reason why different strategies regarding AWS DevOps & DevSecOps are needed. That is why Think To Share is at the forefront of AWS cloud solutions in India.


Scalability Of Services

5+ Years

Our AWS DevOps & DevSecOps solutions are designed to always be scalable and ready to accept expansion when it comes to your business operations. This means your software development lifecycle will never be a limitation when it comes to your system expansion plans. We keep scalability in mind whether it is with AWS CodePipeline or AWS CodeDeploy. Our AWS engineers and architects make sure your systems are always future-ready to accept growth.


Security At the Forefront

Proprietary Methods

We ensure you never have to trade off security for efficiency. We run services with the best security practices and encryption at each step of the way. We know how to implement added levels of security for already secure tools like AWS CodeBuild and CloudFormation. Our AWS architects make sure to integrate proprietary measures with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to ensure a watertight software lifecycle. Whether it is AWS Config or IAM, security can only be hardwired with dedication.

AWS DevOps & DevSecOps Services By
Think To Share

AWS DevOps & DevSecOps implementation is not just a novelty because it has very practical and noticeable implications when it comes to any software development lifecycle with AWS. We produce the perfect blend of AWS security and efficiency.

Our AWS DevOps & DevSecOps combine experience-tested software development life cycle techniques with the highest-grade security practices and redundancy baked-in so that we can create a smooth and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) experience.

DevOps Implementation

We implement the DevOps philosophy when working with AWS for our clients. This means AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild and of course AWS CodeDeploy utilisation for continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

AWS DevOps & DevSecOps Consultancy

We analyse and provide expert opinions on how to ensure security with AWS DevSecOps practices. This means monitoring, automation, compliance and continuous integration (CI) at all times.

Reliable DevOps & DevSecOps Integration

We are the premier AWS DevOps professionals in India to implement Amazon DevOps and DevSecOps models into your existing AWS infrastructure. We ensure efficiency but also great Amazon Web Services security.

AWS Security Integration

Our DevSecOps services and DevOps services are not just about consulting. We implement security automation and practices throughout all our AWS services with the help of AWS security manager services.

AWS DevOps &
DevSecOps Innovation

Innovation is never something distant and foreign at Think To Share because we make sure when we are providing AWS DevOps & DevSecOps services, we only provide the services with the finest grade of innovations that are stable. This includes investments for our research and development(R&D) teams as well as seminars and brainstorming sessions with the wider AWS community.


Best AWS Architects & Engineers

Local & International

We make sure to only hire the best AWS talent not just locally but internationally as remote work employees and this helps us maintain the finest standards of AWS services that include efficiency and security.


AWS DevOps & DevSecOps Research

Dedicated Department

We invest heavily when it comes to AWS DevOps & DevSecOps research and development which means we always try out better and more efficient solutions for existing problems and employ our senior AWS architects on it.


DevOps & DevSecOps Collaboration

Global AWS Community

We collaborate with everyone in the industry when it comes to AWS services and especially AWS DevOps & DevSecOps because we always try to imbibe the best no matter where it comes from and we also contribute to the community.


AWS Seminars

For Clients & Public

We hold AWS seminars for our clients as well as the general public and that includes a significant discussion on AWS DevOps & DevSecOps as we welcome ideas regarding AWS innovation and how we can transform the industry.

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