AWS Migration Services by
Think To Share

We provide the most comprehensive set of AWS cloud migration and integration services that cover every aspect of cloud migration from computing to data migration as well as migration analysis and much more.

We utilise a combination of innovative techniques and risk-free tried and tested methods along with our proprietary solutions in tandem to ensure a smooth data migration experience. We can assure you minimum interactions of your systems and services during migration as well as if success rate of 100% always.


Migration Analysis and Consultancy

We provide detailed and analytical migration analysis and consultancy services. We assess the current health of your data and how migration to AWS will affect your business operations.

AWS Migration for Cloud Computing

We provide migration in cloud computing service that lets you migrate to AWS from any existing cloud provider without any major interruptions whether it is from Azure to AWS or even your server to AWS.

Seamless Data Migration

We are the most secure and risk-free AWS DMS (Data Migration Service) where we help you migrate from AWS or to AWS. We utilise high-threshold servers for an added layer of redundancy against data loss.

Migration Optimisation and Management

We are renowned for our post-migration services when it comes to monitoring the performance of the cloud services. We monitor data and performance after successful migration.

Reasons To Choose Think To Share For AWS Cloud Migration


Robust Industry Experience

Over A Decade

Cloud data migration is no place for experimentation and we understand that at Think To Share. We make sure to utilise our years' worth of AWS server migration service experience to perform low-risk high-success rate migrations. We only assign our senior AWS developers when it comes to our AWS application migration service. We also make sure to always have the client on board when it comes to cloud service migration be it AWS or Azure cloud migration.


Tailor-Made DMS Experience

Proprietary Systems

The theory of “one size fits all” does not apply to data migration on the cloud because every data migration is different and has its own needs and specifications. You might be a client that needs AWS DMS service for the migration of all your services and data or you might be a client that just needs data migration in cloud computing. We ensure each of our data migration operations adhere to the unique nature of the migration. Each migration is different whether it is AWS or Azure database migration services.


Record Rates of Affordability

Industry’s Lowest

We can proudly claim that we have the lowest AWS database migration service pricing in India. This is not accidental but intentional simply because we are able to achieve these competitive prices thanks to our vast infrastructure and teams of data migration engineers. AWS data migration is not a rare service at Think To Share and it is one of the regular services we provide and also one of the reasons why we have managed to keep prices very low.


Absolute Transparency with Clients

24x7 Connectivity

A robust market reputation is not created based on how many high-performance servers you have, market capitalisation or the number of data engineers and AWS architects you have. It is based on trust and transparency. That is exactly what we do at Think To Share IT Solutions. We tell the clients the absolute truth about the real condition of their cloud data and whether all is recoverable and migratable. We do not sugarcoat the situation.


Scalability Of Systems

Future Proof

We always keep scalability in mind when we provide our AWS cloud migration and integration services and it is simply because we want your business to grow. We want our clients to never be restricted by any service and that they can expand their operations in the future. That is why we utilise this principle of scalability in all our services through proprietary techniques that ensure you can create bigger systems from existing systems without changing everything from the existing system.


Security Of Operations

On-Site Redundancy

When we talk about security, we not only mean security in terms of operations in the form of secure servers and the best encryption but we also mean security against data loss. That is why all our operations are run on multiple on-site tamper-proof servers that ensure redundancy. This means you not only get the best kind of risk-mitigation with our AWS cloud migration services but we also ensure the greatest grade of safety when it comes to your important data.

Think To Share
Means Innovation

At Think To Share, we are always on the lookout for excellence and innovation and the best techniques for AWS cloud migration efficiency and that is why we invest heavily in research and development as well as acquiring and hiring the best minds when it comes to AWS. We do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to AWS cloud migration and integration services.


Finest AWS Engineers

Industry’s Best

We only hire and work with the finest AWS-certified architects and engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in working with various AWS migration systems and components. We do not compromise on quality.


AWS Migration R&D

Dedicated Department

We are among the few in the AWS services industry to have a dedicated AWS migration R&D department that focuses on streamlining migration processes for better AWS migration. We invest heavily in our migration R&D.


AWS Innovation Collaborations

Industry’s Finest

We collaborate regularly with some of the other great names when it comes to AWS services and especially AWS cloud migration services. We exchange ideas and keep new ideas and innovations flowing throughout the industry.


Regular Brainstorming Sessions

Entire T2S

Regular brainstorming sessions are a common sight at Think To Share no matter the department because when it comes to brainstorming, the entire workforce of Think To Share comes together to pitch in new ideas of innovation.

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