AWS Cloud Migration and Integration

We ensure the seamless migration of your existing systems with AWS cloud as well as seamless integration of your new or existing systems into the framework of Amazon We Services. Unlock the complete potential of AWS with ThinkToShare’s AWS cloud solutions.


AWS DevOps and DevSecOps

Think To Share ensures the highest level of security protocols for your AWS cloud DevOps. We make sure the most seamless and the most secure AWS automation for the development cycles right from the initial stages to the deployment as an AWS service provider.


AWS Cloud Storage Solutions

AWS has the best cloud storage plans and we will make sure our AWS cloud storage implementation services are the perfect storage and data solutions for your database that are not only optimised for performance but ensures seamless accessibility.


Why You Should Hire Think To Share



1+ Decade

We are Think To Share and we have some of the finest AWS developers in India with the best kind of AWS consulting services and Amazon cloud based services you will ever need. We provide AWS solutions to individuals and companies ranging from the smallest corner shops to big multinational corporations.



Record Low Pricing

As an AWS managed services provider, we offer AWS cloud solutions at the most affordable rates and that is simply possible because of our market experience and AWS support infrastructure. We have dedicated teams of AWS developers ready to provide solutions regarding AWS migration and implementation as well as database creation and storage.



Future Expansion Ready

Think To Share ensures scalability when it comes to our Amazon AWS services. This means we can create systems ready for you that meet the requirements of today and we can also upgrade those existing systems quite easily to meet the demands of the future. This ensures your investments will always hold value.


Tailor-made Solutions

Customised AWS Strategies

We only provide tailor-made web development solutions when it comes to AWS cloud services and solutions simply because no two companies and no two projects can be the same. That is why we always utilise a data-centric analytical approach to assess your AWS development needs and create a custom game plan for your solution.


A Commitment to Innovation

Newest Features Implementation

We are Think To Share we are always committed to innovation which means making sure you get all the latest and greatest features that AWS releases regularly. This means no performance issues and no bottlenecks as well as one of the most dedicated teams of AWS certified solutions architects in India ready to make sure they go the extra mile for your company. We are not just about implementing AWS into your existing systems but we will make sure that your web infrastructure is future-ready to handle new updates as well as services.


A Commitment to Security

Dedicated Security Engineer

It is not just enough to have the most quality cloud storage and AWS cloud computing solutions without security. While AWS utilises the best kind of security measures which are very much compliant with the global industry norms but we go the extra step to make sure your systems are above the industry levels of compliance. We achieve this by integrating our proprietary software solutions into the mix as well as regular testing and as well as security strength simulations through brute force attacks etc.

AWS Cloud Services at
T2s Is All About

AWS is done well at Think To Share IT Solutions because we bring the perfect balance of attention to detail and regard for a data-based approach when it comes to Amazon Web Services.

This is evident from the fact that we let our clients choose the development life cycle methodology that suits their working philosophy. We follow a very practical and collaborative approach for all our AWS cloud solutions whether it is data migration and integration services or whether it is DevOps and DevSecOps and much more.

Data-based Assessment

Data is at the forefront of all our operations when it comes to AWS. This is because data helps us make the correct assessments for us to determine the specifics of the service.

Steady Stream of Communication

We ensure transparent and simple channels of communication with our clients that include anything from direct call communication lines to dedicated phone numbers of our lead AWS cloud architect.

Tightest Deadlines

We have some of the fastest development times when it comes to AWS cloud solutions simply because of our AWS infrastructure and multiple teams working on a single project. This ensures no compromise in quality.

Multiple Development Methodology

Think To Share believes in utilising steps that improve efficiency and that is also the case when it comes to the web development cycle because we can utilise any kind of web development methodology you like.


Think To Share
AWS Approach

We have a very practical but also very efficient thought process and philosophy behind our approach to AWS services. This is why we can truly claim to be the only professional AWS service provider in India that elevates the already high level of functionality AWS has to offer. We stick true to our namesake in providing a thoughtful and highly innovative quality of AWS services.


Balanced Development Team

AWS-Certified Architects

We make sure to allocate a balanced team of experienced developers as well as new and passionate developers to every AWS cloud project team. This always ensures healthy fresh new ideas as well as the stability of experience.


High Threshold Philosophy

Robust Traffic Tolerance

We follow a working philosophy that ensures your AWS website hosting and your systems are able to handle any kind of load when it comes to website traffic and we also secure that through our proprietary methods.


Client As a Team Member

Auto Project Updates

We try to mould our services to make sure the client's vision is fulfilled. This can be achieved while maintaining their best interests. That is why we always treat and include the client’s opinions as a team member.


IT One-Stop-Shop

20+ IT Services

AWS is just a small component of all our operations. We provide nearly every kind of IT solution and service. This strengthens our AWS cloud solutions because of the vast supporting IT structure we operate.

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