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                   Epic social media fails by ‘big’ brands – and lessons they left behind!

Epic Social Media Fails by ‘Big’ Brands – and Lessons They Left behind!

Social media marketing has been around for more than a decade and yet, brands are still trying to wrap their heads. They’re still getting it wrong. Before you come to the conclusion that all brands are getting it wrong, be assured that there are some epic social media successes like, Mahindra Gusto #GoGustoRides, Amazon India […]

                   .com vs .net

.com VS .net – Which Domain Extension is Best for You?

A business –specific domain is treated as prime real estate in the online world. When you are building a website (unless you are a non-profit organization), you will be faced with the dilemma of whether to choose .com or .net domain extension. Before you make any decision, it is important that you know what each […]

                   durga pujo

This Durga Puja Find Yourself (Durga Puja may be the name of the festivity but you are the one Kolkata worships)

  There are a few things Bengalis love more than ‘mach’. Yup, football. Which itself is a religion to a Bengal and of course Durga puja. Durga puja being the only thing that commands over a regular Bengali’s life. The wait, the sights and sounds of the reverent ‘Dhak’ and much more. It’s this festival […]

                   We Need the British Back

We Need the British Back

  Now the title may lead you to think has this person gone mad? What is he talking about? Yup, he’s an anti-national. But friends, wanting the British back is maybe the most patriotic thing any Indian may ask for. Not because I like slavery. No not even because I’m more inclined to western culture […]

                   dual apps

Personal & Work Life Now Separate. Thanks to Smartphones

In a day of 9 to 5 jobs, angry bosses, hectic traffic, low wage and all the sadness the world throws at you, you just wish for a pleasant time, a separate time which you can dedicate to your family and friends and not reminders from boss and his work deadlines or work queries from […]

                   Bahubali collage 2

Bahubali- Feminist Or Rapist (the hypocrisy revealed)

With Bahubali the conclusion running in hundreds of screens in tens of languages and with this being worthy of the shelf the same as Sholay and Border and with so perfect a movie that crores rushed to get a glimpse of the valiant Maheshmati kings played by Prabhas and the triumph of good over evil. […]


How Does Racism Work? Why is there Still Racism in the World?

  With so much racism going around the world, with immigrants finding it difficult to enter first world countries, with people of white European descent hating the darker skins even more. I was wondering, whom could I blame for this hatred because I too am of a darker shade, brown to be specific. Let’s say […]