Top 10 Influencers on Facebook Marketing Trends 2018

Top 10 Influencers on Facebook Marketing Trends

When it comes to brands, peer recommendations and word-of-mouth are considered much more reliable to customers than anything else. Simply put, if your friends like a brand, you will too. However, it is not yet time to forget about mass advertisements as they do have massive reach. But, mostly use them for brand awareness because […]

                   mobile first index

Google is All Set to Move More and More Websites to Mobile-first Index. Are You Ready?

So, it’s confirmed. Google is going ahead with its plan of moving more and more sites to mobile-first index. You’ve been hearing about Google’s plans for a very long time (precisely, since 2015 when mobile searches surpassed desktop searches for the very 1st time ), but it was only recently confirmed when Gary Illyes, who likes […]

                   Sourav – a Billion Dreams

Sourav – a Billion Dreams

Yes. You read it right. It’s Sourav – a Billion Dreams. When the Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic is hitting boundary with every passing day, when the fans are gathering in front of the multiplexes by hundreds and hundreds of thousands with the roar “ Sachin Sachin”, I am thinking of Sourav Ganguly, the man who weaved […]