9 Types of Content Writers to Choose From – What Do You Need?

9 Types of Content Writers to Choose From – What Do You Need?

So, you are thinking of adding a blog section in your website or taking up a project that needs a lot of content. What do you do? You basically have two options – either you write it yourself or hire expert content writers. When to comes to hiring, you can choose to have an in-house team of content writers, which is often very expensive or outsource your entire content requirement to content writing service providers, which is generally cost-effective and a great way to access different types of content writers.

Now, what is meant by ‘different types of content writers’? If you are a newbie in the online world, you probably refer to any writing found on the web space as content writing. Even though you are not wrong, ‘content writing’ is an umbrella term and there are various kinds of writing that comes under it. The only way to understand what kind of content writing service you need is to comprehend the myriad content writers available.

Without further ado, take a look at the different types of content writers available and what do they offer.

1. SEO Content Writers

For digital marketing, especially search engine optimization, content is considered to be the ‘king’. These writers spin out generic content and even though prior journalistic experience is not mandatory, the writers are required to be extremely creative. These writers have the responsibility of crafting error-free blogs, articles, descriptions, meta tags and so on. They optimize the content for the search engines and for the readers by making use of easy-to-understand language, bold headings and subheads, bullets, small paragraphs and sentences, and so on. Relevant keyword is included in the content and the topics that they write on range from roof replacement to tourist destinations and more. Thanks to the SEO content writers, the online space gets its regular dose of information.

2. Technical Writer

While SEO content writers focus on writing generic content, technical content writers are the bridge between complicated technical concepts and audiences of different levels of comprehension. These writers generally excel in specific subjects like, consumer electronics, hardware and software, engineering, biotechnology, robotics, aeronautics and chemistry. They develop technical content to be used as technical modules, user manuals, help files, admin manuals, technical literature, reports and so on. If you are dealing with a complex technology and want your end-users to understand what it is that you do, you can seek the help of technical writers to present your business in an easy-to-digest format.

3. Editorial Writer

Editorial writers are involved in writing books for students in schools and colleges. They also write books for higher education. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, editorial writers now complete their writing, as well as, editing on computers. Their writings are available online.

4. Marketing and Communication Writers

These writers have a challenging job because writing for the communication and market industry is a daunting task. These writers have the responsibility of writing blog posts, articles, social media content, newsletters, e-books, email content campaign, internal and external communications, audio and video content and also brochures, flyers and other marketing collateral.

The style of writing followed by these writers are quite different than that of SEO content writers. The target of marketing and communication writers is to not just attract the attention of the target audience, but to compel them to take a desired action. These writers have to conduct a lot of research to come up with content that really impresses the end-users. The entire focus here is on advertising. So, if you need to aggressively market your products or services and grab the attention of the audience, these writers can help.

5. Report Writers

There are companies that need reports based on thorough researches for the smooth functioning of their operations. If you belong to such an industry whose functioning depends on reports, you need the service of report writers. Reports generally tend to be very lengthy and writers who write them have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. They constantly study and update themselves regarding the latest trends in the industry and how that affects people. These writers pay special emphasis on deadlines and quality writing.

6. Feature Writers

Feature writers are some of the most creative content writers that you’ll come across. Feature writing typically includes writing columns in both print and digital space, satires, short stories, poems and features on food, lifestyle, etc. Not all feature writers have a degree in journalism, but all of them have a keen observational sense around which they weave wonderful stories. These writers have an exceptionally rich vocabulary and they transport readers to another realm through the use of their words.

In case you are thinking of maintaining a separate blog section to write on various topics like, lifestyle, food, travel, seasonal festivals, personal care, DIY tips and so on, you can collaborate with feature writers. They can craft impersonal write-ups that will attract the readers and make them keeping coming back for more.

7. Press Release Writer

Press release writers help businesses in communicating new developments and information about their company to their audience. Press release writers typically focus on new product launches, expanded businesses, business events or exhibitions, signed new mergers and such other new developments. A press release is written as a part of sales initiative and to keep the audience aware of all the latest developments.

8. Ghost Writer

The name might bring to mind paranormal activities, but it is nothing related to that. Ghost writing is basically writing and developing content for someone else and the content will be published by someone else’s name. The writer’s name will not be seen anywhere in the writing. That is referred to as ghost writers. You will find a lot of SEO content writing companies offering content writing services under the classification of ghost writing.

9. Copywriters

Copywriters have the most interesting job and copywriting is the most compelling of all content writing types. Even though it is very demanding, it requires writers to be their creative best. The field of copywriting is a vast one and it includes jingles that you hear on TV and radio, the punchlines that you see on billboards, banners flyers and so on. These writers have to constantly be inspired and strive to be at their creative best. Their job depends on the best one-liners that they can come up with. So, if you are looking for short advertising material to promote your business, copywriters are the solution.

By now, you must have realized how vast the field of content writing actually is. Content writing is simply a term. You need to carefully choose the right content writer for your requirement.

Do you have any experience regarding choosing content writing services? Please feel free to share in the comments below.


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