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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Go for a Free Website

6 Reasons Why it is a Horrible Idea!

Do a quick Google search for “how to create a website free of cost”. You will surely get pages of results offering you easy and quick information about best free website builders for small businesses.

The thought of getting a website for free is definitely tempting. However, think about it – what are they gaining by giving you a website without a cent? It may sound too cynical, but this question might just save you from making a huge mistake.

Before you fall prey to the lure of free web design services, take a look below at why “free websites” are a bad idea.

# Unprofessional web address

Like with all things that come free in life, you have to be satisfied with the chosen web address. Even if the domain name is inappropriate and unprofessional, you cannot change it. If you ask such free website builders to provide you with a custom domain name, they will ask you to pay a premium, which will be much higher than the actual cost of domains.

# You are not the owner of your site

Hosting on a free web host basically means that you get an opportunity to create & market your content with the entire world. But, what these free web hosting sites hide from you is the fact that your site and all the content on it is not owned by you, but them.

# Irrelevant ads on your website

These free web design services are generally supported by advertisements. You can build your website for free while they play ads on your site and get paid for them. Most of the times, these ads are distracting, inappropriate and look ugly. What’s the worst part? Your competitors can pay such web hosting service providers to advertise their products or services on your website.

# Your information can be sold to your competitors

The free web hosting companies let you have a website without having to pay a cent, but they still need to make money to stay afloat. How do they do that? By selling your business information, such as personal data, email addresses, website address and so on, to other companies or your competitors. You need to remember that since you’re not paying for anything, there is a good chance that you are the “product”.

# You have no say if your website goes down

Free website hosting companies are notorious when it comes to pulling websites for a number of dubious reasons. It doesn’t matter how much you protest, they will not put your website back up. Also, once your site is down, you can bid adieu to your content, as well. If you desperately need it back, they might charge you a hefty amount for it.

# It is not actually for free

“Free” does not mean that you can enjoy free domains for life! Such websites usually come with clauses, such as free for a month or two or a charge for services like, FTP access, image hosting, website transfer and so on.

To sum up, having free website domain and hosting is probably the worst idea ever! This is why you should contact some professional web design services if you are planning to launch your business online properly.

Do you have any free website horror stories? Feel free to share in the comments below so that you can prevent someone else from making the same mistake.



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