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5 Checkpoints to Choose a WordPress Free Theme for Business in 2018

How to Choose a Free WordPress Theme in 2018 (wp)

Planning for a start-up with an exclusive online presence? Money issues? Not to worry. With WordPress and it’s free themes, you can always design a professional website with all the modern functionalities without hiring a professional developer. What you need to make sure is that you have chosen a good theme while creating a website using WordPress.

Let’s have a look at our tutorial to help you select a free WP theme and template for your business in 2018.

The Four Menus

Menus are the most visible components of a website. One can see them every time on all the pages of a website. Therefore, you have to be careful about them. Most of the modern websites come with three menus (sticky header, footer and social) + a responsive menu. And you should look for a free responsive WordPress theme that supports all these menus. If you have a search bar on your website, try to choose a theme with a responsive menu that has a search bar in it. In that way, you will get some free space on your sites responsive version.

Home Page Sections

It’s quite difficult to find a free theme with different home page sections. Most of the themes offer home page sections with the paid versions. So, you need to do a profound research to find a theme like this. You can see videos on YouTube where you may find professional developers discussing about the best themes. You can also go through blogs to get a good theme.

The home page sections that you should look for in a theme are a slider, about us, featured products or services, Google Maps and a contact us section. It would be better if you can link particular pages to the sliders. There should be a button linking to the about us page in the about us section. The product or service section should also have links to the respective pages. The contact us section must have a contact form and other contact details. Adding Google Maps is also advantageous for businesses like restaurants, cake shops, cafes so that visitors can directly spot your business address listed on Google.

Logo and Tagline Section

There are free professional WordPress themes that don’t support a logo. You can only add your business name and tagline to them. It would certainly not look professional on your website. So, you have to ensure that the theme you have chosen supports a logo.

Footer Copyright Text

Free themes generally have their company names displayed in the footer. If you want to remove it and add your own company name, you need to go to “footer.php” from the “Editor”, using the backend of your WordPress site. There you need to search for the text that you want to change. If you don’t find the text in footer.php, then you can install the plugin, namely Real Time Find and Replace. You can change the footer copyright text from there.

Learn how to change the footer copyright text using Real Time Find and Replace on WPcrafter’s YouTube page.

Custom 404 Page

A custom 404 page is shown when someone misspells your website’s URL. It is specifically meant for such incidents. It contains a 404 message redirecting users to the main page of the site. It not only helps to keep your users but also it is good for SEO ranking.

There you are with a brief tutorial on choosing a WordPress free theme. Make sure that your theme matches all these requirements and you are right on your way towards creating an exclusive online presence without any professional web designer.

Being a writer by passion and a digital marketer by professsion, I like to share my little knowledge with my readers to educate them more about the technicalities of the digital world.

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