5 Cancer-Causing Food Items That You Probably Eat Every Day.

5 food items that cause cancer


Do you know that according to the recent studies conducted by the American Cancer Society, the chances of getting cancer are now 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men? Staggering, right? What is even more alarming is the fact that the studies further revealed the existence of carcinogenic (cancer-causing) elements in what we eat every day. Things that we eat as a staple to our daily diet might actually be the real reason behind cancer!

However, it would not be wise to give up every healthy food that you eat fearing they cause cancer. It is important that you do your research, learn about the food items that cause cancer and avoid them.

To get you started, here is a list of 5 cancer-causing food items that you probably eat every day.

French Fries – French fries or potato chips is a staple diet among every 20-something. These fast food staples are deep fried in hydrogenated vegetable oil and then heavily salted. You must already know that too much salt heightens the risk of high blood pressure. To add to the trouble, when food items are heated above a certain temperature, they develop high levels of acrylamide. Did you know acrylamide is found in industrial building materials and cigarette smoke? This same chemical is found in French fries, and thus, leads to increasing the risks of cancer.

Red Meat – There was always a slight apprehension around the consumption of red meat and finally the beliefs have been confirmed – red meat increases the risks of cancer. According to a study featured by the San Diego Union Tribune, red meat contains a sugar molecule, Neu5Gc, that forms a part of the body cells when consumed. As the body’s immune system tries to attack it, it further leads to aggravating the risks of cancer. But, wait. Do not be disheartened just yet. You do not have to completely cut down on eating red meat, but try to reduce it to decrease the risk.

Soda – Soda is something that all of us have in some form or the other. And especially during the summer seasons, it comes as a relief and the consumption increases. But, did you know that soda can spike your insulin levels? When your insulin levels are rapidly spiked, it leads to feeding the cancer cells. A serious cancer culprit, fructose, is found in abundance in soda. What actually happens is that soda leads to acidifying your body, and thereby, urging cancer cells to multiply. So, it will really be good for you if you could skip soda altogether.

Refined White Flour – Bleached food. Does that even sound good to you? No, right? Because it isn’t. The traces of the chemicals continue to remain in the food and also, flour that is highly processed contains high carbohydrate content that leads to upsetting the blood sugar balance. Again, your insulin production will be spiked leading to multiplication of cancer cells. You are strongly recommended to avoid carbohydrates that are processed highly, such as white pasta, white bread, white rice, concentrated fruit juice and so on.

Canned Tomatoes – Tomatoes are normally a part of a healthy staple diet. But, they can be extremely hazardous when canned. The lining of the can usually has a chemical substance called bisphenol-a (BPA). Since BPA shows signs of altering the chemistry of the brain, the FDA is very concerned. As tomatoes are already acidic in nature, it results in rapid bleaching of the BPA. It is especially harmful to CHILDREN. Be safe and avoid canned tomatoes. Go for fresh ones. They are so much better and healthier.

The list really goes on. With the increased use of pesticides, preservatives and chemicals in every day food, every other day there is a food item that is being added to the list of cancer-causing food. To stay safe and healthy, you are advised to do your own research, before consuming anything.

Fight Cancer, Eat Smart.

If you are aware of any other cancer-causing food items that are consumed on a daily basis, please feel free to share. The least we can do is equip the world with knowledge, if not anything else!

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