Published July 02, 2017

The 3 Best Forklift Attachments that Will Increase Work Efficiency

The 3 Best Forklift Attachments that Will Increase Work Efficiency


A forklift is used in different places such as in the warehouses, farms, shipping yards and factories. These forklifts are used to carry heavy goods. They reduce the excessive labor of human beings of carrying heavy items from one place to another.

There are different types of forklift trucks available in the market like:

1. Counterbalance forklift trucks.

2. Wheel Counterbalance forklift truck.

3. Reach trucks

4. Hand Pallet trucks.

5. Powered pallet trucks.

6. Side loaders.

7. Tele Trucks.

Did you ever tried to find out, how you can make most out of your forklift truck?

Forklift is a very sophisticated device which handles materials with utmost care. But sometimes it gets difficult to negotiate with it and operate it. Here lies the biggest truth when it concerns about the material handling. Not to worry manufacturers did make some of the attachments and accessories for the forklift to get the work done smoothly.

Here I am going to discuss about three forklift attachments that will improve the productivity and efficiency of the forklift.

1. Sideshifter:

Handel ling the material is a matter that is beyond the parameters of the forks. But it can be utilized to its maximum capability if the right accessories are being installed. If we go by the forklift attachments, a sideshifter can permit a forklift operator to move left and right without moving the lift truck itself. Moreover, the operator can use these forklift attachments to quickly and easily get the pallets lined up, without getting the entire apparatus move. Subsequently this will save your time and a lot of labor resource to do a task of material handling. You need to understand that saving time is actually saving money. In the modern times efficiency and productivity is most important. The side shifters concern very basic things and there is no need of thinking anything out of the box to handle it.

2. Fork Positioner:

To add versatility and flexibility to any of the forklift you need to use fork positioner. It actually allows the forks to move further or closer from each other. It handles the accommodation of different sized pallets or may be unusually shaped object much more effectively. Sideshifters sometimes need to be handled manually where as this fork positioner saves time in this case because they are not required to be handled manually. There are some more advantages of these forklift attachments like, managing times, decreased fuel consumption, less wear and tear in the truck and decreased pallet damage.

3. Rotator:

Rotators help the forks to rotate on boxes, palletized containers, or may be drums. They not only gear up productivity and efficiency, but also take care of the personal welfare and safety of the employees. This is actually achieved with the ability of the rotator to help the operator understand properly and avoid different hazards of outdoor and indoor environment. There is a lot of importance of occupational safety and situational awareness. In these cases rotators do play a major role in letting the enterprise meet as well as exceed those specific objectives and goals.

These are the three best forklifts attachments that will get the work of the forklift done in a much easier and safer way.

Summing up:

While I conclude I shall just like to focus on a particular factor that is efficiency and safety. These forklift attachments are easy to handle and guarantee utmost safety and efficiency in the work field. What is your take on it?

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