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Web Design & Development

Website is the storefront of the of your business in the internet. It is what your clients and competitors will look at to get an idea of your standpoint in business and move over your company. We expertise just at that, designing a website with relevant content that lets your business stand out in a haystack of average websites. So, we interact an easy HTML along with an immersive user experience for your customers. We as a digital marketing company know how to create something as crucial and as permanent as a website to suit your requirements.

Having designed the website, we’ll cater to your site’s development through the following steps:

Information Gathering

This is the step we begin with to get an in-depth review of the business type, website purpose and the targeted audience.

Planning the Sitemap & Wireframe Creation

In this step of the process, we as a responsive web design company in Kolkata, provide the customers with a rough layout of how the final website will look after the development stage. We also ensure that every changes are made after getting approval from our customer’s end.

Page Layout Design & Approval

This is the step where we let the customer decide the layout and UI of the website which will be visible to the prospective customers of the business. The customers can send us reviews and changes if they want in the layout design.

Content Creation & Assembly

In this stage of the website development, our creative writers write down SEO friendly contents and design the infographics and images that catch the attention of your targeted customers. We believe that on-point text and graphics along with an easy to understand layout is the key to digital success.


This is the step we start the actual creation of your website after getting the final go of approval from your side.

Tests, Reviews & Final Launch

Having done the steps prior to this with your approval, we move on to the part where we carry on rigorous tests with varying traffic and inflow and we let the analysts look at the final website and give a rating and review. Having done that we then select a date to launch the site and make it live in search results.

Regular Monitoring &Updating

Once the site is bringing in hits and drawing potential traffic in the web, we set up 24/7 monitoring to check the health and live feed on the working of the site in normal conditions.

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