Social Networking Sites…A Boon or a Blessing?!

Today I am here to talk about an age old topic THE SOCIAL NETWORKS. Supposedly the villains of gen Y (to our parents at least)… I am a first-year student and about to sit for my exam. So, I thought let’s keep the social networking sites off for a few days. Before I proceed, I shamelessly confess that I m a hardcore addict of WhatsApp, if not Facebook. So as per planning, I did keep myself aloof for a few days. And bingo…I succeeded as well though initially, I felt like I was being deprived of my everyday dose of Heroin. But then I found out something that can contract our parents straight on their faces. No WhatsApp…no sharing of notes…no discussing how much is to be studied…not knowing what’s going on in the world other than P.M. Modi banning1000 and 500 rupee notes. Honestly, it felt like I live on an isolated island. For anything that I wanted to know about notes (if not anything else), can I really call up people?? Really? Call anyone and everyone up at any time of the day to clear out my tiniest doubt? Is it possible? Wouldn’t it look insane??… Are social networks just a pastime or a nasty habit or addiction to be more precise…or is it the biggest reality of 21st century??… I just gave one instance. Are there not more that barely prove that social networks are now a necessary evil of our lives??…Be it an office or some different kind of a workplace…social networks now form a wide base of promotion of business. Is it so easy to promote for business growth?? Is every beginner rich enough to hire professionals??…Maybe or may not be. But everyone can certainly afford an account in social networking sites. I want all my respected and dear readers to give it a thought. Are social networks only pastime??? I m sure…the answer would definitely be a big “NO”…then dear parents…why scold your children when they ask for a smartphone or a gadget in that case. It’s not always an addiction. In the 21st century, it is a necessity. I apologize if I have offended any of my dear readers!!…



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